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Hemline Point Turner 7 Ruler

Point Turner  

For Nice, Sharp Collars  & Points

To make your points nice and crisp and Professional looking.

A good basic to have in your sewing tools.

Fiskar Snips

Great for close clipping  and really cleaning up your sewing Project Edges.

I  wouldn’t be without mine!

Clover 5 in 1 Tool

 My Absolute Favourite for  Marking!  

Easy Slide for measuring

Long edge to mark,

5/8 wide for garments,

¼ & 1/8” for Quilting and draws circles.

I use mine daily!

Fray Check

Seam Sealant

Edge Stitching Foot

The Most Useful & Versatile Foot you will use. It will make your sewing Faster,  Easier  & More

Professional looking.

Use for  Edge Stitching,

Under stitching,

Joining & Stitch in the


Order Directly Here

Wonder Tape! Double sided,

Wash Out Tape

Chalk Marking Pencil

Comes with both White & Colourful

Pencil inserts.

Complete with Sharpener. Great for Marking

Darker Colours

My Favourite Sewing Ruler for Marking

& Pattern Drafting

Clover Seams Right

Multipurpose tool Handy for marking and checking seam allowances  and button hole sizes.

Great for Sewing, Quilting, Knitting & Embroidery.

Olfa Rotary Cutter  

Fantastic for Quilters and Seamstresses for

cutting fast perfect lines such as

Quilt squares & Bias strips.

Must be used with Self Healing cutting Mat. (Above)

Sleeve Board for Professional Results

(Pressing is ‘As important’ as the sewing)

Super Interfacing

Easy Thread

Hand sewing Needles

I have been using them for 40+ years.

I have others but theses are the sewing scissors I always come

back to.


1oo% Polyester Thread

For Garment sewing 100% polyester is

strong and durable.

Won’t shrink or run.

Available in a Huge Range of colours

Fiskar Classic Scissors

Quality Dressmaking Pins

If your sewing pins are old, bent and/or rusty get rid of them and treat yourself to some new pins!

A Fantastic product to stop fabric from fraying. Great for buttonholes and weak areas of fabric.  Best one on the market.

A Must have for your  sewing kit.

Erasable Fabric Pens

Loop Turner

for Thin Straps

Makes easy work of making and turning Thin Spaghetti Straps and  Rouleau loops.

Can even fix snags in knitwear.

Perfect placing of zips, appliqués, Pockets & More.  

Wonder Tape won’t gum up your needle!  

Washes out!

These are Fabulous Marking Pens. The Makings simply disappear with a warm iron!

Much batter than air

or Water Soluble Pens.

A must have

This 2”x 18” ruler is the perfect size  

for marking fabric & for doing adjustments to patterns.

No more Eye Strain! Just lay the Thread on the top of the needle and pop down and it stays.  Simple!

Large Olfa Cutting mat for use with Rotary cutter

Heavy Duty,  Self Healing Cutting Mats provides a continuous smooth, gridded surface for all cutting projects. Sewing, Quilting and Craft Cutting.

Use with Rotary Blades & Fixed Knife blades.

A Quality Interfacing Makes all the difference to making your garment look Professional.

Also available in Black.

Twin Ballpoint Needle

Double Needle

All Machines can use a double needle! Great for Mock Cover Stitch for sewing Stretch Hems.

Have you tried them yet ??

Helps you get a Professional finish to your garments with proper pressing Techniques.

Great Thread Storage!

Each Colour Group has it’s own fold out  layer / compartment. Easy to find and organise your thread by colour.

Here are some of My Favourite - Must Have items to make your Sewing Faster, Easier & More

Professional looking! Press on the image to order.

Some additional but

Very Helpful Items to Own

Just press on the Image to order

Click on

the  Image

 for more Information  & to Order

Click on

the  Image

 for more Information  & to Order